Party with a Pig Experience:


We cook and provide 2 waitstaff along with serving table to cut and serve. With the pork, we can also prepare and serve chicken, brats & kraut, polish sausages & kraut, etc...

If you require side dishes we will work with our preferred local caterers in your area to fulfill your additional requirements.

Pork - where does it come from?

We raise our own pigs to ensure you receive the freshest product available. With no middle man, we are able to offer excellent prices and a superior product.

Party with a Pig | Maple Creek Farms
Party with a Pig

Our Roasters

Our pig roasters are each self-contained and we offer both charcoal and gas roasters, depending on your request. We have numerous roasters so we are able to prepare meals for any size party. If you want to roast and serve your own meal we will deliver and set-up the roaster so your "Party with a Pig" experience will turn out perfect. We always have personnel available during parties to answer questions via phone or provide on-site assistance as necessary.
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Have Your Own Roaster?

If you own a roaster we can also supply the pig so you can cook it yourself. In addition, we have chicken roasters we can set-up for you then show you how to cook and serve. We can be full service or if you like to do it yourself we will accommodate.