Who We Are

Pig Roast Catering

Welcome to Maple Creek Farm, located in Waukesha, WI near I-94. Maple Creek Farms serves Southeast Wisconsin's finest foods with unique pig roasts. At Maple Creek Farms, every dish is created using only the freshest, finest ingredients. We serve only the choicest meats and freshest side dishes. Our extensive menu and atmosphere create a truly enjoyable party experience.

Why Choose Us?

Locally Raised
We use our own locally farm raised pigs to provide the freshest product possible.
Pig Roast Catering
We roast and serve pig roasts and can supply side dishes or work with other caterers to suit your party needs.
DO it Yourself
For the "Do-it-yourself" we can also setup the roaster for you to cook and serve on your own.
Taste the difference
Call us today to taste the difference
"Party with a Pig"

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Maple Creek Farm LLC
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